On Taking Responsibility

The Search For Enlightenment

On Taking ResponsibilitySometimes we find ourselves in difficult or disappointing circumstances, and might believe that they are not of our making. The laws of Karma are universal, we get what we deserve, so whether we recognise the causes or not, the effects speak for themselves.

We might feel sorry for ourselves, we may think it’s unfair, but we make the causes for the effects we experience day in, day out.

Now you may be saying that it’s destiny, fate, or coincidence, but that simply means you are delegating responsibility for your life to chance or a mystical figure whose existence can never be proven.

Why do we allow ourselves to be fooled? When we know the reason for events, we accept the situation and move on. When we don’t know, or remember why something has happened, we waft it away with airy fairy excuses, like fate or God’s will.

I’ve been through…

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One colour

Black or white, dark or bright, soft skin we all made from the image of one God. And you shall return to this black skin that you think it makes me inferior to yours 🙂 I love my dark beautiful skin, even if does not glow at night it sure does attract the sun daylight 🙂


I am infected

I met a guy 🙂 he sings, he comforts me on his swollen scrotum while we both combine the rhythm of jazz & poetry. It is the art painted underneath these velvet sheets, May somebody please paint a vivid image… I see broke lines, melting faces, may somebody please paint a vivid image…